Clients of CHANOMI PR are personally supervised by our dynamic staff  with an eye on traditional publicity with a creative edge and research-driven insights, we execute strategic programs --- blending traditional, Social & Digital media outreach in the 21st Century.  
  MILANA currently featured on AT&T Fiber  being seen everywhere.   
syndicated now in the far east - just aired on TRANSTV in Indonesia... and now her GAME SHAKERS segment is airing in France



Channah Zeitung training at home getting ready for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (viral video)


Chanomi PR is a specialized branding public relation firm taking the client to the next level having the essential ingredients in marketing and public relations. Developing programs with major media exposure with Strategic thinking and eye on Brand building.  Utilizing creative tactics!  CHANOMI PR is a boutique company with a dynamic staff that is effective. Stephany Hurkos , Gloria Zeitung and Alicin Christensen consolidated their knowledge and CHANOMI PR was birthed.

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